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Never Blog Alone

I created my first blog two years ago. I used Blogger to set up a place for my local Toastmaster club to post news and information. It ultimately failed. Club members didn’t use it. I know I wasn’t really using the blog in the normal way, but I thought it would be a good alternative to a static website. Eventually I discovered Wikis and abandoned the blog format. (It was a good move. Kudos to WetPaint).

My second blog was also a failure. I was going through a weird phase of life and developed an obsession with Kierkegaard. I thought a blog would be the perfect place to discuss my appreciation of him. It failed because I wasn’t really passionate about the subject after all and with zero readers became a chore. I think I had a total of four posts!

My third blog wasn’t a complete failure. I had learned a little from reading other blogs and started to pick up some key points. The most important was “purpose”. A blog needs a purpose and it should be clear to the blogger and reader what the purpose is. I thought I really had it my third time. I started a blog on social networking with the intent to write about what was working and what wasn’t. It worked for about two weeks. I had a few readers and comments but I fizzled out. The purpose wasn’t strong enough for me to stick with it.

That brings me to this, my fourth blog. I’m the first to admit that I have a lot to learn. But, I’m committed to the process of blogging. Everyone has their own experience on this blogging adventure. For me, the best experience is one that is shared.

I’ve finally joined technorati! Via this post. And I got my first comment on my post yesterday! I’ll never blog alone again…

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If you blog, share your experience. What’s the hardest part about blogging? Why do you keep doing it? How long did it take to get comments? If you haven’t started blogging yet, what holds you back? What would you like to know about blogging?

One of the most common complaints about beginning a blog is that it takes too much time. It’s true – it can be ridiculously time consuming. When we discuss this (in the class “Connecting with Today’s Consumers”) the general consensus is that real estate agents that blog are spending too much time with the computer and not enough time “pressing the flesh”. I think the benefits of blogging or participating in social networks have the potential to blow the socks off of traditional networking alone. But that is for another post…

In the spirit of not blogging alone…here are a few of my favorite blogging tips:

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