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I have to start with giving props to Leif Hansen who facilitated a podcasting workshop last week for Biznik members. If it wasn’t for this workshop I wouldn’t have discovered the Mosiac Coffee House. This place is really amazing.

Here’s what I’ve found out about this community coffee house. Mosaic is a unique community service of Seattle First Church of the Nazarene in Wallingford that was started with the intent to love and interact within the neighborhood they live in.  

Could a church do this? Could they really interact with and be a part of the surrounding community? Uh…yeah. This is a great example of using church “space” for community. Here’s a review from yelp. “The place is so warm and welcoming, and the staff is so friendly, it wouldn’t matter if this were a teeny tiny venue, I would still drop by regularly.”

Congratulations to Seattle First Church for participating & building community in a meaningful way.


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Build it before you need it

One of the common comments in my “Connecting with Consumers” class is that online communities aren’t important if you have a strong offline community. Some people feel that spending time online, blogging, reading blogs, posting comments on Facebook walls, and participating in online forums, is taking time away from face to face relationships.

 If I had a choice, I would almost always pick face to face communication over any other method. It is the path of least resistance (it’s familiar) it’s easy to gage commonalities, and it provides instant feedback. Online communication is more intentional, it requires thought, exposure, and is often ignored or misunderstood by others. But it is well worth the effort. Participation is always key, online or offline. I think we are looking for ways to connect and finding them in places unexpected.  

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Less fragments, more collaboration

One of the things I’ve been thinking a lot about is how fragmented the world is.  In this networked, connected world, there is the idea that we are talking to each other, but most of the time we are just talking to ourselves. The non-profit world talks to the other non-profits, real estate agents talk to other real estate agents (through ActiveRain), credit unions talk to other credit unions…you get the picture. So we have this sense that because we are blogging and a few people are reading our blogs that we are all connected.  But where’s the real conversations between diverse groups?  What would happen if mission driven businesses, developers, non-profits, and church leaders spent a day talking? What could we all learn from each other? That is the goal of Community Building Camp.

I’m in the process of organizing Community Building Camp as a barcamp in Seattle. I have a few people helping but need more volunteers. The goal is to make it a free or near free event so finding a venue is the most critical element. Here’s the list we are choosing from:

  • Blaine School in Magnolia
  • The Big Picture
  • Hugo House
  • Phinney Center

I’ve left messages with a couple of churches to see if they would be interested in providing some space but I haven’t heard back. I don’t want to get started about the dead space and huge overhead of churches. That’s another blog altogether.

If you know of a space that could work please let me know. Here’s a link to the wiki for more information. Community Building Seattle 2007.

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