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Playing With Web 2.0

This is part 3 of the series “Web 2.0 a Personal Experience”. I’ve talked about how I’ve been sucked into web 2.0, finding new ways to connect with people and businesses, feeling the freedom to explore the world, & discovering that technology is the door to possibilities.

If you haven’t started to play yet, or if you are just getting started, I have a few ideas that might help.  First, think of it as play. Look at the businesses that are making serious money in this space and you will always find an element of fun.  Next, just get used to trying new things. Sign up for Beta launches and new social network sites. Yes, I know it can be overwhelming to keep track of all the emails, passwords, log-in names, but grab a little notebook that is strictly for passwords and notes, and don’t worry about keeping track of everything. The idea is to get used to the platforms and process of the way you are being engaged. You will learn more from your own experience than anything.

Here’s a little homework, oops, this is supposed to be fun, let’s call it an experiment. Create a quick presentation with Google Docs and send me a link to your online presentation. Follow this “getting started” tutorial from ZDNet and listen to this podcast Ingrid & I made about using Google Presentation for a webinar (it’s really bad – we were playing).


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